Bike riding along San Colombano’s Wine Route

Bike tour around Lodi

Bike tour around Lodi

San Colombano's Wine and Lodi's Flavor Route is a pathway that starts in Milan and splits along the Po Valley around the city of Lodi until getting to the provinces of Cremona, Piacenza and Pavia.

Visitors will have the chance to travel a 120 kilometers road that goes through alluring towns, villages and places where culture, art and history pair perfectly with the remarkable quality of local food and wine.

It starts at Milan and goes across Chiaravalle and the Famous Abbey founded in 1135, the museums of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, San Colombano al Lambro and finally Lodi.

The area's historic villages will astonish you with their charm. Take the town of San Colombano for instance, where the XVIth century church of San Rocco remains in perfect conditions with its octagonal base.

The hills of San Colombano boasts vineyards that produce the wine of the same name. It is full of fossil fauna that certifies the presence of the sea in the ancient Po Valley.

Such itinerary will take you to Lodi, a city that has always been connected to the regional capital due to the presence of the Visconti and full of a rich, varied artistic heritage.

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