Angling Consorzio Turistico Valchiavenna

Angling is an activity that requires great  passion and patience and a good knowledge of fish species.

Going Angling means experiencing the natural wonders of the lakes and rivers of Lombardy. Fishing can be a time to relax, on the banks of a stream or even on a boat in the middle of the lake.

In Lombardy there are plenty of opportunities and locations to choose where to fish and many have exceptional varieties of fish species.

The Oltrepò Mantovano, with its plentiful waterways, is the ideal goal for angling enthusiasts  of various kinds  including carp and wels catfish fishing. One can fish in the river Po and the river Secchia, in the reclaiming canals, the ditches and the former clay quarries. The fish most commonly caught are pike, wels catfish, catfish, eel, carp, barb, perch, and trout during the winter period.

On Lake Garda there is plenty of Angling due to the wide variety and quantity of fish found in the lake. In the Garda area there are a number of different habitats that are suited for angling: Lake Tobino, a natural habitat for marmorated trout, the river Sarca, where one finds the delicious brook trout, and Lake Garda itself, where one can fish the rare carpione, a salmonid fish endemic to lake Garda, in addition to the lavaret, very sought after by professional anglers, the lake shad, the bleak, the eel, the tench, the cavedano and the perch.

Lake Iseo is another favourite haunt of anyone who enjoys Angling. The particular climate in this area means that angling can be practised all the year round.  The lake contains a wealth of as many as 23 fish species which include brook trout, cavedano, vairone, tench, bleak, eel, pike and lavaret. A few fish, such as the rainbow trout, the largemouth bass and the pumpkinseed sunfish have been added as stock artificially.

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