Centomiglia, sailing challenge on the Garda

Where thrills sail

Where thrills sail @peshetta

The lake's calm waters host the most prestigious sports event in the Brescia area. You may probably have heard of this thrilling regata that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ever since the fifties, the Garda Lake's azure basin has been the chosen as the location for this exciting event. Starting at the Bogliaco creek, this fierce competition may have only one Victor. Sails will crowd this breathtaking landscape.

Sunlight caresses the lacustrine blue waters with golden streaks, blending perfectly with the color of the sky. Scenery will soon take a second place once spectators fix their gaze on the contestants' maneuvers.

They start gaining speed with the steadly blowing wind, which is a decisive factor in breaking a new record. The race lasts a single day, giving an adrenaline rush that is worth waiting a year in anticipation for. Without a doubt, you too will percieve the competitive spirit that heats up the hearts of those who take part of it every year.

Credits: Fluidtravel

centomiglia sul garda con il vento in poppa

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