Centre and lakeside of menaggio

Centre and lakeside of Menaggio

Centre and lakeside of Menaggio

Menaggio extends over a small promontory where Lake Como is revealed in all its majesty. Due to its central location between the lake and mountains, it is an ideal starting point for any excursion. The pride of Menaggio is its promenade that offers a unique view of the centre of the lake.

Its scenic location, with views that span from Bellagio to the Grignes and Canzo Mountains, and consistently mild climate, has made this a renowned summer resort for over a century, as evidenced by the beautiful villas, including Villa Belfaggio, Villa D'Azeglio, Villa Lovone and Villa Vìgoni, locatedin the residential area of Loveno .

One of the town's most noteworthy churches is the polygonal Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peace (in the hamlet of Nobiallo) built in 1660 to celebrate the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659) , marking the beginning of Spain'sdecline .

On the hill dominating the town stands the 10th century Castle of Menaggio, overlooking the Senagra torrent.

Menaggio,renowned for itscenturies-old traditions of silk and coppercrafting,offers many opportunities for taking walks of various distances, all set against the amazing backdrop of Lake Como.

Be sure to follow the road that goes up to Plesio and Breglia (at 785 metres), where the harmonious and beautiful landscape and vegetation will surely take your breath away, or continue up to the Italian Alpine Club refuge on Mount Grona at 1400 m., a crossroads of paths that lead to the lake Alto, the Senagra and Cavargna Valley.


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