Centre of cernobbio

Centre of Cernobbio

Centre of Cernobbio

The city of Cernobbio lies on the western shores of Lake Como, nestled between the lake and Monte Bisbino, a notoriously beautiful mountain that has inspired many artists. The noble mansions have always been a popular destination for the elite and tourists from all over the world have flocked to the area's hotels for centuries.

While Cernobbio is rich with splendid villas, its most famous is undoubtedly Villa d'Este, built in 1568, designed by the architect Pellegrino Pellegrini, also known as Tibaldi. It became the property of Caroline of Brunswick, who was born in Este, hence the villa was given the name Villa d'Este. In 1873 it was converted into a luxury hotel, retaining its historic features, along with the numerous works of art housed inside. Another villa is the famous nineteenth-century Villa Erba, which serves as a convention centre today.

In addition to art and culture, the village of Cernobbio offers a picturesque view and a relaxing environment, on a human scale, ideal for those in search of a peaceful and pleasant reprieve.

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