From Como to Bellagio by Boat

Charming, magical landscapes by the Lake

Charming, magical landscapes by the Lake

Cruising between Como and Bellagio is a unique experience that allows to gaze upon the lake's western side and its splendid landscape. Everybody remembers how it starts, just like a fable told by a mother to her child, praising the natural beauty of that branch in Lake Como that extends towards noon.

Dreamlike atmospheres that will take you to a different dimension while sailing. Take a relaxing cruise along the Lario will allow you to enjoy its splendid scenery, gazing upon the sight of its shores, impossible to watch from the mainland. 

It will be an outstanding journey between two shores full of delightful towns with great stories to tell. Hop into a ferry and that will take you to the enchanting landscapes of a lake that is considered by many as the most beautiful one in the world. 

Sail and gaze upon this natural masterpiece that has been embellished by human presence. The Alps that surround the lake with green, white, pink and purple hues depending of the time of day will be the perfect background for visiting prestigious and refined mansions that are scattered along the lacustrine coastline.

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