Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo, nestled between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, is a gem of rare beauty thanks to the surrounding ancient villages such as Pisogne and lovely squares such as Piazza del Porto in Lovere, one of the most beautiful lakes in Lombardy, and picturesque towns such as Riva di Solto.

Art and nature are intertwined harmoniously in The Floating Piers, the last major installation of the Bulgarian artist Christo art. Characterized by a floating pier that extended into Lake Iseo to reach Monte Isola, the installation was open from June 18 to 3 July 2016, allowing visitors to walk on water, observing the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Iseo is the perfect place for a taking a stroll along the lake, or diving into art by visiting the 19th-century square with the Parish Church of Sant'Andrea, which houses the famous altarpiece depicting St. Michael the Archangel by Francesco Hayez.

Clusane di Iseo is the queen of the local cuisine thanks to its restaurants, where you can taste baked tench or the local seafood.

The pearl of the lake is Monte Isola, a mountain on an island, which divides Lake Iseo in two, the Brescia side and the Bergamo side. Visitors are enchanted by the tranquillity of the place and its uniquely slow pace. One of the most beautiful ways to travel around the island is by bicycle, available for hire upon exiting the ferry.

Lovers of hiking and the great outdoors have many trails to choose from, which start off from the shores of the lake and wind their way up the mountains. Families with children can take a walk in the Torbiere Park that has trails for all; more experienced hikers may prefer the challenging trails that lead up to Mount Guglielmo (1957 m above sea level) or take the Antica Strada Valeriana that starts in the village of Iseo and leads up to Pisogne.

In the summer time, visitors can go on cruises that depart from the docks of Lovere, Iseo and Sarnico and make their way all around the island. Gourmet-themed cruises and evening cruises are also available.

To relive an atmosphere of times gone by you can take one of the historic steam trains on the Palazzolo - Paratico - Sarnico line and complete the experience with a boat tour.

Shops that rent windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment can be found in the southern part of the lake, near Iseo.

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