Lakeside and centre of gravedona

Lakeside and centre of Gravedona

Lakeside and centre of Gravedona

The centre of Gravedonais a charming town, nestled in a broad inlet between the slopes of Sasso Pelo to the north and the alluvial plain of the Liro stream to the south.

From the promenade(on the opposite shore) you can see the imposing Mount Legnone and the ancient abbey of Piona, the first towns to be established in Valtellinaand the river Adda that flows into the waters of the lake.

Secluded and quiet valleys open up behind the town, dotted with churches and chapels, stone buildings and planted fields.

Its historic centre is a succession of squares, houses and narrow alleys referred to in the local dialect as "Strecc ".Three functional areas of the past can still be seen in the urban structure: the old castle with the stepped cobbled streets, the remains of the old walls, and the square of the assembly that serves as a lovely lookout point today (Pra'Castello).

The lakeside of Gravedona, today an elegant promenade, meeting place and entertainment venue on pleasant summer evenings, was the oldershoreline spot that housed the ports of the town since Roman times: the Carale pier, the oldest, was just below the castle (now Piazza Mazzini). Another area that historically characterised the town is located closerto the river Liro: this is the so-called sacred area, where thebaptistery of Santa Maria del Tiglio and Pra' Castello can be found.

The historical centre and important buildings harmoniously coexist with the modern infrastructures of modern-day Gravedona: refurbished hotels and dynamic businesses, a large sports centre with tennis courts and football pitches, sailing club, cycling trails and a track, a swimming pool on the banks of the lake and a trail on the lower slopes of the mountain behind it.

From Gravedona, in the town ofSerenella, a beautiful pedestrian and cycle pathstarts off, which runs along the shore of the lake, passing through the area called "Poncia" and the former territory of Consiglio di Rumo until it reaches Dongo.

Da Gravedona, in località Serenella, parte un bel percorso ciclo-pedonale che costeggia la riva del lago, passando per la zona chiamata "Poncia" e l'ex territorio di Consiglio di Rumo per arrivare fino a Dongo.

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