Lakeside of iseo

Lakeside of Iseo

Lakeside of Iseo

Iseo lies on the banks of Lake Iseo in lower Brescia, also known as the Sebino.

The bustling piazza Garibaldi with a fountain dedicated to the hero acts as a reminder to tourists at all hours of the day. This is the site ofstylish boutiques, bars, restaurants and ancient palaces. Palazzo Vantini is an imposing neoclassical building on three levels with rusticated facades. The facade of the 17th century Palazzo Antonioli is adorned with recently discovered frescoes.

Palazzo Arsenale stands on the nearby Piazza Satuto, one of the oldest buildings in the town. Originally a noble residence, it was used for commercial and residential purposes in the 14th and 15th centuries.It was converted into a prison in the19th century that continued to function up to 1980. Today, it is hometo a bustling cultural centre and venue for shows and exhibitions.

Lake Iseohas anequipped beach with a restaurant.Two lidos with swimming pools are located on the southern edge of the town, where visitors can enjoya refreshing swim.

Iseo's lakeside promenade begins from the lidodei Platani, where there is a beautiful wooded park with a playground at the marina. The small harbour in piazza Gabriele Rosa, with its monument to the politician and the native man of letters in the historical centre, is the starting point for reaching many of the lake towns by boat.

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