The Luino Market

The Luino Market @mattenry_photographer

One of the main attractions in Luino is its weekly market, held every Wednesday from morning until late afternoon, internationally renowned and the most important in the Lake Maggiore area.

More than a market, it's a veritable weekly fair that attracts visitors from all over Europe. The products offered are numerous and of every kind, ranging from food to clothing, from flowers to accessories, from kitchen accessories to beauty items. Here you will find the finest local crafts, in addition to goods with an ethnic flavour sold in more than 350 stalls showcasing their products week after week, set up along the streets of the town centre and the lakefront.

The history of the Luino Market begins in 1535, when the lord of the small fief of Maccagno, Giacomo Mandelli, obtained the permit for the weekly market and decided in Luino that the market would be held in the two towns on alternate weeks. However, the Luino Market wasn't officially opened until years later, when the Rusca Counts of Luino asked the Emperor Charles V to grant the same privilege to their village, which they obtained on 5 September 1541.

After hundreds of years, the Market Luino continues to be a not-to-be missed folkloristic event and a golden opportunity for all types of shopping enthusiasts.

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