Pescarenico district lecco

Pescarenico District, Lecco

Pescarenico District, Lecco

Manzoni mentioned the Pescarenico district in his most famous work, The Betrothed, and thanks to the story of Renzo and Lucia and the pen (and ingenuity) of their creator this district has become famous. Alessandro Manzoni wrote that the monastery of the Capuchins was located in Pescarenico. Lucia would run away from here by boat to escape Don Rodrigo. This is also home to the fishmonger that would meet Agnese and Lucia in Monza and give them the news about their town.

Anyone who wants to relive the sites mentioned by Manzoni should visit Pescarenico, described in a few words by the great writer who deftly sums it up as "a group of houses, inhabited for the most part by fishermen, and adorned here and there with nets hung out to dry ". The district certainly has changed, but the Manzonian atmosphere is here

to stay, brought back to life in each visitor who comes here in search of those famous words. In the month of July, the Pescarenico district comes alive with sports tournaments, dances and races during the Sagra de Pescarenech festival.

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