Rabbit Island in Lake Garda

Discover San Biagio, the Rabbit Island in Lake Garda

Discover San Biagio, the Rabbit Island in Lake Garda

At Manerba del Garda, only a few meters from Punta Belvedere, rises a small rabit island in Lake Garda. We are talking about San Biagio, it features green meadows, cypress tress and blooming shrubs.

Just like its name suggests, one of its main attractions is the fact that it is full of wild rabbits that are used to the presence of humans in the territory.

Discover this hidden pearl in the Lombard side of the Garda, relax among rabbit herd, enjoying the sunlight while lying on grass or diving into the crystal clear waters that distinct this part of the Lake. You can appreciate there the outstanding sight of the Fortress of Manerba standing on a cliff, or have some refreshments at the kiosk in this isle.

The fact that you can reach it on foot makes it even more unique, at least when weather conditions allow it thanks to a bottom strip that connects it to the mainland. That is where the camping site of San Biagio lies. When water is really low, it becomes knee-high. Less adventurous types and in case of rain, there is a taxi-boat service that can take people to the Pier of Torchio for a fee.

The surroundings of the Rabbit Island are attended by numerous diving enthusiasts. The Altar Rock, or lo Scoglio dell'Altare, is undoubtedly one of the most famous diving sites in Lake Garda. Its wall goes 150 meters deep and boasts two large terraces covered with yellow sponges and a cave that harbors large specimens of royal perches, pikes, tench, eels and bleaks.

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