Sailing Merighi

Lombardy with its four major lakes and numerous smaller basins offers a unique experience to sailors. Lake Maggiore is one of the most spectacular places in the world for sailing – the Tramontana wind blows in the morning from the mountains to the plains, while the Inverna wind starts in the afternoon and blows in the opposite direction, allowing sailing enthusiasts to engage in their favourite sport all day long. Every year in June, at the Intra landing stage, the Verbania Vela Festival is held, which includes regattas open to all classes and a variety of sports events and entertainment, such as food and wine tastings and concerts.

Visitors can also go sailing on Lake Como in the areas surrounding Bellano, Colico, Dervio, Parè Valmadrera and on the smaller lakes of Pusiano and Oggiono. On Lake Iseo, the sailing clubs in Sulzana and Sarnico organise trips on sailing boats. 

Lake Garda is an ideal location for regattas as it is open all year round and sailing is always possible thanks to the presence of two steady winds: the Ora, which blows from south to north from the late morning until the afternoon and the Pelér, which blows from north to south in the early hours of the morning until noon. These breezes, as constant as they are timely, form the tireless engine that propels the highest level sailing events that are organised on Lake Garda. For those who want to experience a special day out or would like to try their hand at sailing, the many sailing clubs dotted around the area will help you get on the water with the wind in your sails!


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