Vacation at Lombardy Lakes

Vacation at Lombardy lakes, ideas for planning

Vacation at Lombardy lakes, ideas for planning

Seeking to plan a vacation at the Lombardy lakes? The current guide will provide a few hints for an unforgettable lakes vacation. 

Nature lovers and sport enthusiasts will wish to visit the lakes Lombardy boasts in its territory. A vacation in the Region offers the opportunity to relish in its charming landscapes. 

If this is the first time you are visiting Lombardy, do not miss the renowned basins of Lake Maggiore, the ones in Garda and Como. Traveling by train is an original way for reaching them, with special tickets that can be combined with boat trips, allowing you to admire these destinations from two different angles.  

If you already know these localities and want to explore less-known niches in Lombardy, take note and head to the following: 

The creeks in Iseo touch both Bergamo and Brescia, here you can practice water sports or enjoy a winter vacation at the ski lanes of the nearby Valcamonica area. At the center of the basin, the island of Montisola features its wild flora.

The spring of Monate is fed by underground springs and its banks embellished by extensive reed beds. Motor navigation is forbidden and it is a preferred destination for swimmers numerous sportive events. 

Consider a vacation at Lombardy's lakes for your next trip.

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