What to do at Desenzano for a Day

What to do at Desenzano for a day, travel tips

What to do at Desenzano for a day, travel tips @danielebonati

If you are wondering what do Desenzano day, then read our guide to find out. 

Let us help you in planning an unforgettable lake vacation. Start by going to Lake Garda, a destination cherished by domestic and foreign visitors alike. Whether you are only passing by or you wish to spend a longer vacation, we will suggest what to do in this city.

In order to give you a clear image of what this land has to offer, go on top of the Castle that towers over the borough. It was originally erected to defend it from barbarian invasions and nowadays serves as a terrace with a panoramic view of the water and its neighboring hills.

Do not miss a visit to the old pier or Porto Vecchio, built in 1200 as a wheat and grains trading area during the age of the Venetian Republic. Palazzo Todeschini still stands on its dock.

When walking through downtown, let yourselves be enthralled by Piazza Malavezzi and gaze upon the Cathedral, one of the most important Renaissance structures in the province of Brescia. Inside you will see Tiepolo's version of The Last Supper. 

Afterwards, head to the Roman Villa, which in the early XXth century has brought to light 240 square meters of glass mosaics. If you have some spare time, go to the Rambotti Museum and the prehistorical items it harbors.

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