A Valtellina summer

Tips to enjoy the best of the Valtellina in the Summer months

Tips to enjoy the best of the Valtellina in the Summer months

When you think of Valtellina you usually associate it with winter and the ski slopes.

But the mountains are fascinating not only in winter when snow covers the dense woodlands and we enjoy ourselves with hot chocolate and skiing. They are even more beautiful in summer when the snow melts, the meadows become a brilliant green and the animals return to their summer habitat. There are so many activities in this land rich in resources, dedicated to both the oldest and the youngest in the group.

Perfect for a day out with the family is a visit to the evocative castle of Grosio and the Rock Engraving Park where you can go back in time by thousands of years while admiring the engravings on the rocks. An immense open air drawing board with a wealth of testimony. A piece of advice: the best time to see the engravings is at sundown when the light makes them more visible.

Or you can visit the great Alpine Eco-Wildlife Observatory in Aprica, at the Valtellina Orobic Mountains Park, walking alongside steinbocks, seeing a brown bear close up, observing chamois and having the chance to caress, if only for a brief moment, a tawny owl.

castello di Grosio

Castle of Grosio and the Rock Engraving Park

Lovers of sport and adventure will find what they're after in this marvellous valley that seems like one great open air gym. River sports, climbing, canyoning, trekking, cycling/running tracks, angling, paragliding, golf and much more.

Those looking to spend a day or more at the magnificent Bormio Spa in the name of total relaxation without thoughts of anything else. You can visit castles, churches, historic buildings and old mills that will tell and teach you the history of typical dishes and other Valtellina specialities.

For a day in the name of culture, why not retrace the itineraries that recount the story of the Great War? Or take the Bernina Express train and enjoy some marvellous landscapes.

You might want to spend a gourmet summer by visiting the homelands of the most famous recipes, the most refined wine cellars, and taking part in gastronomic events where you'll discover the ancient and excellent flavors of this timeless valley that never ceases to amaze.

Valtellina is a land with a wealth of history, culture, gastronomy and sport. The perfect destination for those in search of a magical place where you can relax amid nature, in contact with animals and the earth.

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