Chiesa valmalenco

Chiesa Valmalenco

Chiesa Valmalenco Consorzio Turistico Sondrio e Valmalenco

Chiesa Valmalenco is the main summer and winter tourist destination of Valmalenco. Chiesa in Valmalenco is situated in the heart of the valley where it divides into two valley gorges: one towards the upper part of the same valley, and the other, Val Lantern, which leads to Bernina. Its convenient location makes it an ideal starting point for making daring ascents and traverses along the peaks of Bernina , Disgrazia and Scalino. This town is also an essential stop along the route that connects the valleys of Valtellina and Val Bregaglia along the Muretto pass.

The Alpe Palù - Caspoggio ski areas, with over 60 km of slopes for both experienced and amateur skiers, are renowned throughout Italy. To reach the 2080 metres of Alpe Palù from Chiesa, you can take the ultra -modern Snow Eagle, the world's largest cable car that can hold up to 160 people per cabin, or take the super-fast covered chairlift in San Giuseppe. There's plenty to do in the Alps, both day and night: traditional downhill skiing, off-track skiing, luge and bobsledding. Freestyle and snowboarding enthusiasts, on the other hand, can head to the snowpark, divided into three areas based on ability and the type of activity being performed.

The Palupark, which hosts events such as the World Cup snowboard finals, offers the multimedia Sports RFID service, with cameras positioned throughout the park so riders can check out their jumps from a PC or smartphone. For children, Valmalenco also offers a playground in the snow .

Cross-country skiers flock to Chiesa Valmalenco for its scenery of incomparable beauty along the nature trails of lake Palù (17 km), a sunny basin situated at 2000 metres above sea level and on the long loops of San Giuseppe and Lanzada (artificially lit). Those in search of a silent reprieve can also enjoying snowshoeing by day or by night, in the company of guides .

Visitors to Valmalenco who want to take a twirl on the ice can head to the Lanzada skating rink (in the town Ganda ) at the Pradasc sports centre, or go for a swim and lounge in the sauna at the swimming pool (town of Vassalini).



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