Experiencing the mountains in Valtellina

Sport, trekking and quiet: experiencing the mountains in Valtellina

Sport, trekking and quiet: experiencing the mountains in Valtellina

The Valtellina is located on the northern side of the Lombardy Region, at the border between Italy and the Swiss Canton of Grigioni, it is the only large alpine river valley that goes from east to west. It is 120 kilometers long and about 65 km wide. It can be easily reached by car or train.

Just as it is easy and comfortable to arrive, it is simple to immerse yourselves into the beauty of its landscape thanks to the countless opportunities it offers. In other words, Valtellina is adventure, excitement and nature. 

Besides climbing, rafting, canoeing, hydospeed, canyoning and other river sports to practice along the Adda at the Tresenda/Castione trail, you can choose among countless mountain bike itineraries. Adventurous types should not miss the Bike Park. Then there are the walking or horseback riding tours along the roads that take to the summits. Trekking in Valtellina means to discover new landscapes in its boroughs, natural parks and reserves that change with every step you take along the riverside paths that go to the mountains.

If you are expereinced travelers, the Alta Via (or high road) of the Valmalenco awaits. With its 8 stages, it is a 130 km long journey traced along the summits of  Pizzo Scalino and Bernina. The Rome Path will take you to the mountains of the Masino Valley. There are beautiful historical trekking itineraries of Via Spluta and Via Bregaglia in Valchiavenna, the Rusca Path that goes from Sondrio to Thusis, known as the Great Road of the Bergamasque Alps, while the Trail of Peace in High Valtellina traverses World War I localities and the Via Alpina, a long hiking itinerary divided in 342 stages that traverses eight countries along the Alpine Range.

The area of Valtellina is the protagonist of such a fascinating journey with 14 trekking stages that unravel from the Stelvio Pass to the Valchiavenna. Do not miss the Wine and Salt Trails between Bormio and Switzerland, plus the Via dei Terrazzamenti that goes from Tirano to Morbegno, which embroiders a trail of terraced vineyard and boroughs facing the Rhaetian slopes.

After a long day of outdoor activities, take time to sit back and relax. You can choose between four structures located between the areas of Bormio and Val Masino since ancient times. Recharge your energies at the thermal baths of Bormio Terme. Discover the romantic sight of Terme Bagni Vecchi, renowned during Roman times, or enjoy the luxury of the Terme Bagni Nuovi center. Finally, Infine, immerse yourselves in the unparalleled beauty of the Masino Thermal Baths.

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