Foppolo - The Realm of Mountains


Foppolo IAT Valle Brembana

Foppolo is the most important winter resort in the province of Bergamo, located only fifty kilometres from the capital. Foppolo is located at the northern tip of the Brembana Valley, nestled between the ridge of the Orobie Alps and the foothills of Mount Pegherolo and the Pizzo del Vescovo. Its climatic characteristics make it ideal for those who love the snow: here, the snow remains perfectly intact until late spring, allowing you to take advantage of the many possibilities this area has to offer.

Along with Carona and San Simone, Foppolo is part of Bremboski, an area of about thirty kilometres that includes trails for skiers of all abilities, from the easiest beginner slopes to those approved for international competitions. The pride of the area is the fully-equipped Nordic skiing resort in Convento: a two and a half kilometre ring surrounded by a beautiful forest that can also be explored on foot with snowshoes.

Those interested in trying out a more challenging and tiring type of skiing can enjoy telemarking, while snowboard fans (particularly the freestyle version) can enjoy the brand new snow park, for learning the basics of the discipline or trying out some spectacular turns. Children taking their first steps on skis can head directly to the Baby Looney Tunes Park, where the cute cartoon characters from Warner Bros accompany children on the snow.

Recreation facilities have also been created in Foppolo that make for a complete and extremely interesting holiday: an ice skating rink, recreation centre, disco, swimming pool, gym, pizzerias and restaurants serving local cuisine. Foppolo is equipped with the finest hotel accommodations and leisure facilities. Visitors must be sure to check out the local cuisine and specialties (such as the cheeses, in addition to the small historical centre, with the parish church that houses a 17th-century wooden Deposition from the Cross, or the chapel of the Crucifix in the hamlet of Pisano decorated with frescoes from the same period.

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