Ice climbing

Ice climbing

Ice climbing Consorzio Turistico Valchiavenna

Setting off on an ice climb means climbing up spectacular natural structures created by water and frost, frozen waterfalls or rocks faces covered in ice.

Ice climbing, is a very fascinating sport which requires great effort and concentration. With ice axes, crampons, a harness and helmet, one can set off to conquer the peaks, while admiring the spectacle offered by nature and enjoying the view once one reaches one's goal.

This sport is ideally practised with the assistance of expert Alpine guides, that can find the right climb based on the different skill and training levels, but also, thanks to their experience, can help to discover all the beauty and imposing stature of the mountains.

The Alpine guides can help you to engage in this amazing experience in total safety with programs ideally suited to match requirements, with climbs of just a couple of hours or more taxing excursions into uncontaminated environments.

On the mountains of Lombardy, there are plenty of opportunities where one can try out ice climbing.

In Valtellina there are plenty of areas with ice-falls of different sizes and complexity. The main ones are in Livigno and Aprica.

The Valchiavenna offers ice climbing opportunities in Madesimo, Campodolcino and the Febbraro Valley, where ice structures vary in shape over the years, due to the water that runs through them, changing their surface and giving rise to spectacular new transformations each time.

Even in the Camonica Valley there are magnificent ice formations, particularly the one located at the end of the Brandet Valley.

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