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Madesimo has earned the distinction of being Italy's farthest town from the sea, situated on the border with the Canton of Grisons, in the middle of the Alps. It includes the villages of Isola, Pianazzo and Montespluga scattered throughout the valley. Since the last century, it has been renowned for its natural beauty, but in recent years it has also become one of the best-equipped ski resorts of the entire alpine region.

Madesimo strives to keep up with the trends: besides having revolutionised the facilities for traditional sports, such as downhill skiing and snowboardin g with its 50 km of slopes, cross-country skiing with five trails for a total of 25 kilometres of slopes, the resort is specialised in the action-packed sports of telemark skiing, snowkiting and freeriding. Those who can't wait for summer to go sailing can come to Madesimo to enjoy snowkiting : an exciting discipline that allows athletes to harness the power of the wind and ride the waves of snow with a board on their feet and a boom to control the kite in their hands. Freestyle fans can access the 920-metre Madepark snowpark. The additional areas are known as Easy and Kikers (respectively for beginners and experienced riders who jump from 10 to 17 metres). The other two areas are equipped with everything you need for freestyle: a half-pipe for national and international competitions, kicker rails to slide the board while keeping your balance, jumps for performing increasingly difficult and spectacular jumps, the spine, quarter and much more.

Madesimo is also the ideal destination for snowshoeing, both day and night, under the guidance of experts. Don't miss the scenic night-time route and on the ridge of the Andossi mountains. There is also a destination for off-piste skiing, always a must in Valle Spluga.

Madesimo is also where you can taste the typical products of Valchiavenna such as bresaola, cured goat meat and cheeses such as Bitto and Magnoca. Be sure to taste the biscuits of Prosto, made with flour, sugar and butter, which were traditionally prepared for the holidays and fioretto cake, which takes its name from the ground flowers of wild fennel.

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