Reaching New Heights in Lombardy

Toccare il cielo con un dito: le cime più alte della Lombardia

Toccare il cielo con un dito: le cime più alte della Lombardia @ale_bernas

It doesn't take much to switch off - fresh, clean air while you rest your gaze on green meadows, white mountain tops and blue sky, with your legs covering the kilometres to conquer higher peaks and breathtaking views.

The grand show of the mountains takes the stage in Lombardy where, travelling back and forth along the "roof of Italy", the Alps, you can still find wild and imposing nature, slow rhythms and genuine products. We get our first taste in an itinerary in Valtellina, which is a bastion of gastronomy, with its pizzocheri, mountain cheeses, characterful red wines and bresaola, as well as being a favourite destination for lovers of outdoor activities. From Sondrio, you can climb up to Chiesa in Valmalenco, well-known ski resort, or continue to Livigno, where mountaineers can try, for example, ice climbing at Piz Paradisin (3302 metres), Corno di Campo (3232 metres) and Pizzo Val Nera (3188 metres), and rock climbing at Cima di Cavagl (2991 metres) and Piz da Tropion (3048 metres). Another possibility is offered by Bormio, queen of the snow and mountains of Lombardy, from where you can undertake a medium-difficulty climb up Monte Vallecetta, also known as "pich de la crosc" for the cross at its summit of over 3000 metres. Or you can enter the Stelvio National Park and explore the Ghiacciaio dei Forni.

It is a short distance to Ponte di Legno, in Alta Valcamonica, resting between the Stelvio National Park and the Parco dell'Adamello. This is a paradise not only for skiers, but also for hill walkers, who will find here some of the most thrilling Alpine itineraries, such as the Sentiero dei Fiori (Path of Flowers), which climbs up to three thousand metres on the mountain tops between Castellaccio and Pisgana.

Moving into the province of Lecco, Grigna Settentrionale, with its 2409 metres and Grignetta, 2111 metres, are rugged but accessible mountains. The latter in particular is considered to be an authentic workout for keen climbers, who will find here still passable rocky paths marked out by the great names of mountaineering -  Walter Bonatti, Riccardo Cassin or Emilio Comici. A pleasant day outing is to Piani Resinelli, where you can relax, strolling through meadows down below, or choose one of the many climbing routes that start from that area, to reach the highest peaks, like the Southern, Central and Northern Torrione Magnaghi. 

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