Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding is a winter activity that involves sliding over the snow on a sled drawn by a pack of dogs. It has now spread to the mountains of Lombardy.

Dog Sledding can be considered a sport and an alternative way to go on adventurous and picturesque outings amid snow covered landscapes.

Many Italian mountain resorts, among their winter services, often include trekking activities for all ages. Dog Sledding is particularly suited for children, who come into contact with nature and animals while having great fun.

The Camonica Valley and Alta Valtellina are the best tourist destinations where you can get a taste for Dog Sledding and practice the unique sport.

In the Adamello Ski resort, the Italian Dog Sledding Progres School in Ponte di legno and Tonale offers the opportunity of going on sled rides drawn by Siberian sleddogs. A thrilling experience to be enjoyed with the whole family or in a group of friends.

The Italian Dog Sledding Husky Village Centre, in Arnoga, organises sled rides drawn by packs of 2 or 4 dogs, accompanied by an instructor. The centre also provides individual and group musher courses, where one can learn to drive a sled in person.

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