Snowkite Destinazione Valtellina

The Snowkite is the state of the art in winter sports, and follows in the footsteps of kitesurfing, practised over water. It involves three main elements : the wind, skis or snowboard and a kite.

Snowkite is a safe, simple and entertaining sport that can be practised by anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill of being dragged along by the wind using a kite, with skis or a snowboard under one's feet, and cover kilometres of fresh snow in total freedom, far from the usual slopes.

Compared to over water, where one needs a strong wind to pick up speed and perform acrobatics dragged by the sail, on snow a light breeze is sufficient.

The Snowkite can be considered one's personal ski-lift: with the kite one can climb slopes with a 30% gradient, and even amuse oneself on flat areas, providing they're covered in snow.

One just has to learn to guide the kite and go in the chosen direction to achieve great performances, but more than anything else great amusement and a feeling of freedom, as one slides over the snow-covered surface in the company of the wind.

The Snowkite can be practised on the Tonale Pass, where there's a school and modern equipment with which to learn this sport in total safety and in a short time. Anyone who can ski a downhill slope on skis or a snowboard and is over 12 years old can take part in a snowkite course.

At Montespluga, a hamlet of Madesimo, in Valchiavenna, the Snowkite is practised on gentle slopes. When it is certain that it is safe, one can also slide across the White Lake, an artificial lake at 2,300 metres of altitude. The school organises the courses on the basis of two formulas. One Day course or Week end for beginners.

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