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Valgerola is open spaces and unspoilt meadows and lush forests, emerald lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains, not far from the most famous Valtellina towns of Livigno and Bormio.

Perfect for whoever wishes to spend a few days immersed in nature, in a genuine family atmosphere, away from the commotion of the more fashionable resorts, Valgerola allows visitors to enjoy winter sports, discover old traditions and enjoy the local cuisine.

The small yet delightful ski resort of Pescegallo, thanks to its altitude, its favourable sun exposure and programmed artificial snow system, awaits skiers with its twelve kilometres of trails, from the most difficult and technical slopes to the easier tracks more suitable for beginners and children. The area is spread over two altitude levels. The downline side, surrounded by rich fir woods, is characterised by its vast variety: indeed, it unrolls in humps, valleys and slopes of variable incline, while the upline side is arranged in a pleasant curve of regular declines, crowned by a sequence of crests, some parts still inaccessible and some parts cut in a jagged rocky silhouettes.

Then there's the famous Snowboard Valley, a heaven for snowboarders, where they can practice downhill descents and jumps on the fresh snow.

Itineraries for snow shoes excursions and ski touring lovers are not amiss, with a wide selection of uphill tracks up to the highest altitudes or easier paths.

Visiting Valgerola is entering an antique world where traditions and flavours are strong and genuine. The unique historic, artistic and craftsmanship treasures are conserved in the Ecomuseum of Valgerola, founded by the surrounding towns in conjunction with local associations and inhabitants.

The Ecomuseum includes a series of original museums such as the Homo Salvadego in Sacco, the Casa del Tempo in Gerola, the Ethnographic Museum in Rasura and the Vanseraf al Dosso Museum, as well as writings and publications. Festivals and manifestations to promote the territory are also held quite often. Valgerola is also synonymous with delicious cuisines: be sure to taste Bitto – a cheese named after a local stream that is produced locally in the hilly country at an altitude between 1400 and 2000 metres where animals feed exclusively on grass – and the Alpine ricotta.

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