Valle camonica

Camonica Valley

Camonica Valley

Camonica valley, one of the largest in Italy, spans from the northern shores of Lake Iseo and extends to the border with the Province of Trento. This dynamic territory is the perfect destination for admiring large forests, valleys, rocky mountains and a dense network of paths and refuges that attract sports enthusiasts. The Camonica valley is home to some of the most famous ski resorts such as Ponte di Legno, Corteno-Aprica, Borno and Montecampione and is a paradise of nature, with the parks of Stelvio and Adamello.

The enormous Presena glacier makes skiing possible throughout the year, even in summer.

Art lovers, on the other hand, are attracted by the valley's incredible historical and artistic heritage. One of the most important landmarks are the rock drawings that tell the mysterious story of the Camuni, the people who settled here about 8,000 years BC. National and regional parks protect thousands of drawings, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site of the whole of humanity: the first site in Italy for rock art.

Beautiful churches and chapels scattered in the valleys and small mountain communities are home to authentic masterpieces of painting and wood sculptures, originating from ancient traditions. Even today, unique pieces made with incredible craftsmanship are available for sale in the local shops.

Winter sports, such as skiing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and ice skating, in addition to hiking, climbing, tasty camuna gastronomy and thermal spas make the Camonica valley the perfect destination throughout the year.

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