Valsassina lies parallel to the famous branch of Lake Como, surrounded by the majestic Grigne mountains to the east and the Orobie Pre-Alps to the west. The valley has two entry points, one to the north on the coast of Lake Como and the other to the south, between the slopes of the Mount Grignetta and the Monte due Mani .

Large meadows and the mountains that tower over them are characteristic of this valley. In addition to the Grigne, rich with galleries and caves, there are other well-known peaks like Zuccone Campelli and the Pizzo dei Tre Signori which divides the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo.

During the winter season, the snowy peaks become a skier's paradise, offering ski resorts with groomed trails suitable for all ability levels. The area also has routes for cross-country skiing, conveyor belts for bobsleighs, luge and skiing for children, without forgetting the scenic routes for alpine skiing. Visitors can also try their hand at snowmobiling (Pian delle Betulle and Piani di Artavaggio) or head over to the skating rinks (Pian dei Resinelli and Barzio) for an alternative version of winter fun .

The numerous trails of the mountains on Lake Como turn winter into the ideal location for hiking with snowshoes or enjoying skiing of all levels, for spending pleasant hours in the open air in contact with nature.

In Valsassina, there's no lack of itineraries and opportunities for taking summer hikes of various levels. For walkers, Valsassina is a land with a rich variety of landscapes: the limestone walls, green pastures and mountain lakes alternating with trails and climbing routes of different complexity .

The area also caters to children approaching snow for the very first time, with specially designed trails that can descend with an inflatable tyre (tubing), a bobsled or a luge .


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