Walking with an Alpine Guide

Walking with an Alpine guide

Walking with an Alpine guide Ivan Previsdomini

One of the most unforgettable landscapes in Lombardy is in the mountains: the peaks that turn pink at sunset can be seen from the whole region and offer endless opportunities for lovers of the open air.

To experience mountains with true experts of the region and to gain access to its most hidden secrets, the ideal solution is to be accompanied by an Alpine guide. Excursions with these professionals may last a few hours or a few days, crossing gentle valleys or taking paths for the more expert; routes can be organized at all levels for all abilities.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Alpine guides, when in the heights, it is possible to encounter curious wild animals, cope with the mountain safely and stay in age-old refuges where people lived much closer to an unpolluted nature.

For those who prefer a slow approach to mountains, snow-walking is perfect, a classic, undemanding walk using snowshoes. Just an hour by car from Sondrio, in Valmalenco (Valtellina), you can find the Zoia Refuge, which offers morning, afternoon or moonlight snow walks, accompanied by delicious snacks with local delicacies or dinners of pizzoccheri pasta, not to mention wine-tasting. In Alta Valtellina, the Livigno Alpine Guides offer night-time snow walks with a typical local dinner in Val Federia or afternoon walks in the Stelvio National Park: equipped with telescopic lenses and tripods, visitors can have a close-up view of how ibex, chamois and roe deer live.

Another sports activity that is accessible to everyone is Nordic Walking, i.e. walking with specially designed sticks. This activity does not require physical preparation, tones the muscles of the body and is beneficial to the cardio-circulatory system. The "Lago di Como" Nordic walking school organizes free excursions in the areas of Lecco and Como, while Davide Broggi of the organization "Nodo delle Guide, is one of the instructors organizing courses: within the Parco Regionale Campo dei Fiori, the diploma and title of "Nordic Walker" can be acquired after only two lessons.


For those who love trekking there are excursions organized by Zaino In Spalla, like those at Monte Spino (1504 m), Sasso di Malscarpa (1198 m) or Zucco Sileggio (1354 m).

The Bergamo mountains are also noteworthy, with the area of Orobie and the Parco delle Alpi Orobie. Here Matteo Cabrini of "Orobie Nordic Walking" organizes outings of various types.


Well worthy of note too are the offers for those who are already familiar with mountain sports: the Province of Brescia, with its Val Camonica and Adamello peaks, can offer numerous refuges from which to set off for mountain climbing and doing mountaineering or ski tourism. There are interesting outings organized by licensed alpine guides of the "Guide Alpine Vallecamonica-Adamello".

With an expert guide beside you, you will discover, step by step, everything that the Lombardy mountains have to offer.


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