Weekend in Valtellina

48 Hours in the Valtellina area

48 Hours in the Valtellina area

Looking for an alternative destination to escape city life during the weekend? Here are our suggestions to kick start a relaxing weekend just a few hours from Milan. Get ready for 48 hours in the natural wonderland of the Valtellina.

Day 1 - Sondrio and its surroundings

The first stop is a must. Arriving from Milan, Morbegno is a gorgeous little village you can explore through its small streets and charming historical buildings. Slowing things down from the get go, you can really soak up the local vibes and get a feel for what life here used to be like. Continuing north you'll arrive a the capital of the Province, Sondrio. Here we suggest a stop for a snack in the renowned Piazza Garibaldi. While you're at it, take a spin through the center and don't miss the Scarpatetti neighborhood, where you can admire the ancient rock houses. Lose yourself among the alleys and stairways here, you'll find so much more. 

Just minutes from Sondrio, about 15 km away, is the Chiesa Valmalenco, one of the main skiing hotspots of the Valtellina. Here you can stop for lunch in one of the artisan restaurants, trying a few of the local specialties, like bresaola, Bitto and Casera cheeses, and DOC wines.

As we roll into the afternoon, head back towards Sondrio until you hit Tirano, where the famous Bernina Express passes. It's a train ride you can't miss out on, and also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't forget a stop at Palazzo Salis and at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tirano. 

Day 2 - The Higher Valley

After all this wandering around, we suggest keeping it easy on the second day. Today we're going to Bormio, where you can spend the entire morning in the thermal waters of the Bagni Nuovi or Bagni Vecchi. It's the perfect spa stop that has even seduced many famous Italian figures such as Garibaldi, Vittorio Emanuele III, and Ludovico il Moro. Come lunch time, indulge in a mouth watering plate of pizzoccheri, a plate unique to Valtellina that you'll find on every local menu. 

Finish the weekend off with a bit of shopping in Livingo, a shopping paradise that's also duty free, here you can grab clothing, jewelry, and electronics at great deals. 

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