Winter sports

Discover Bergamo's mountains!

Discover Bergamo's mountains!

Bergamo's mountains areideal for a ski trip or for a weekend of sport and fun. Nothing is missing: ski slopes and cross country skiing, snowboard, toboggan, bob, skating, snowshoes, Nordic walking, climbing… 

The most well-known place in Val Brembana is surely Foppolo, that can boast a long skiing tradition, but there are many incredible and equipped places around like Carona, San Simone, Piazzatorre, Valtorta, Piani di Bobbio, Olter il Colle Zambla. There are also two snowparks: Iron in Foppolo and Orbik in San Simone.

In Val Seriana, for snowborad lovers, there's Lizzola Park which, along with the Due Baite slope, is illuminated from 7pm to 10 pm every Saturday night. Even Monte Pora has a Park for those who want to surf on the snow.

On Monte Pora you can ski at night, while other places go skiing are Spiazzi di Gromo and Passo della Presolana.

In Val di Scalve, Schilpario, you can practice cross country skiing, while in Colere you can ski at the foot of the Queen of Orobie, Presolana. The landscape is breathtaking!

Snowshoes are always fascinating: there are numerous trails that you can take to know the mountains, immersed in the nature and accompanied by the beauty of the alpine landscape, even at night.

The Orobie mountains are a paradise for Nordic Walking: a very delicate sport where you walk with sticks like the ones used in Nordic skiing, and if you love climbing you can take advantage of the numerous rock walls that surround the Bergamo Alps. Choose the climb you prefer and let yourself be guided by one of the expert alpine guides of the Orobie mountains.

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