Montevecchia and Curone Valley Regional Park

Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley

Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley

The Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley covers an area of approximately 2,350 hectares, with a territory that encompasses ten municipalities (all or in part): Cernusco Lombardone, Lomagna , Missaglia, Montevecchia, Olgiate Molgora , Osnago , Perego, Rovagnate , Sirtori and Viganò.

More than a reserve, the park is a highly diverse area that, in addition to areas of environmental interest , also includes urban centres, manufacturing facilities , areas for agriculture and livestock that exist alongside architectural monuments of great artistic and cultural value. The park borders with the lush confines of south -eastern Brianza, penetrating the agricultural and industrial plains, at the edge of the last offshoots of the Milan's metropolitan conurbation.

Three habitats named sites of Community interest are found inside Montevecchia and Curone Valley Park: the petrifying springs, dry meadows and Hygrophilous woods.

The green forests of Brianza, a land once covered by dense forests and teeming with wildlife, have been replaced by towns, roads , industrial complexes and farmlands. Thanks to the establishment of the protected natural reserve, the survival of the wildlife that inhabits the park today has been guaranteed.

Montevecchia Park, a small gem near the city of Milan, is home to verdant spaces and wooded areas rich in flora, including some highly prized species. Woodlands cover the majority of the park's territory. The wooded complex of Curone Valley –Santa Croce Valley- Viganò , is the last sizable forest area that stands in continuity with the formations of the wooded foothills of the Pre-Alps. While this continuity has been interrupted to the north by roads and modest-sized settlements, the connection between the forest ecosystems has not been severed.

The crest of the hill of Montevecchia , where the forests of the Curone Valley and the Santa Croce Valley meet, represents the "green heart " of this park, founded to protect the natural and environmental values of this area placed situated in Brianza's highly urbanised surroundings.

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