Park Colli of Bergamo

Colli di Bergamo Park

Colli di Bergamo Park

Colli di Bergamo Park includes the historic and monumental area of Bergamo Alta (Upper City) and the surrounding hills, rich in wooded areas and terraced slopes with gardens, meadows and vineyards, in addition to the fluvial environment of the plains, along the Serio and Brembo rivers. Colli di Bergamo Park spans over a large area included in the municipalities of Almé, Bergamo, Mozzo, Paladina, Ponteranica, Ranica, Sorisole, Torre Boldone, Valbrembo and Villa d' Alme .

The park spans over approximately 4,700 hectares, situated at an altitude between 244 and 1146 metres. Established in 1977 in order to safeguard and promote a balance between nature and human settlements, it is the third largest regional park after those of Ticino and Groane. The physical and morphological features of the area that lies within the confines of Colli Park are quite heterogeneous, with natural and architectural beauties of great value, such as the Giongo Reserve and the historic old town of Bergamo Alta (Upper City).

Nestled into the natural landscape of the hillsides west of Bergamo, there are many rural and residential buildings of remarkable architectural and monumental value, in addition to the complex of the former monastery of Astino and the ruins of the Allegrezza Castle. Another one of the park's nature wonders is the forest of hardwoods on the slopes of Canto Alto, in the Giongo Valley and in the woods of Astino and Allegrezza. The territory is rich in forests, crops of various kinds (including vineyards, vegetable gardens, wheat and corn fields), terraces, bird snares, natural streams and man-made waterways and springs. The area is also home to numerous varieties of flora and fauna.

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