Park Lambro Valley

Valle del Lambro Regional Park

Valle del Lambro Regional Park

Valle del Lambro Regional Park includes the territories bordering on the river Lambro, in the section between the lakes Pusiano and Alserio to the north and the park of the Villa Reale in Monza to the south. The actual surface of the Valle del Lambro Park is 8,107 hectares, 4,080 hectares of which is a nature park.

Of particular natural and scenic value is the area of Inverigo, for the presence of the ravine by the same name, enclosed within a large estate of woodlands and for the wonderful monumental complex formed by the Rotunda, Villa Crivelli, and Santa Maria della Noce. Another interesting feature is the presence of numerous noble villas, with their annexed historic gardens: one quite exceptional example is the Park of Monza and the gardens of Villa Reale in Monza.

The breadth and diversity of the park's panoramic views are further embellished by the mountain landscape of plateaus, small valleys carved by rivers, canals and streams and vast expanses of meadows interspersed with smaller forested areas. The lake area is of even more pronounced natural interest, with lake environments, already partly protected by the Nature Reserve of the Eastern Shore of Lake Alserio. In fact, both of these lakes are listed among the Sites of Community Interest (SCI).

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