Park North Adda

Adda Nord Regional Park

Adda Nord Regional Park

The Adda Nord Regional Park includes the territories situated along the course of the river Adda, along the stretch that crosses the high plains , downstream from Lake Como, including the lakes of Garlate and Olginate. The most interesting area from a naturalistic standpoint is the large wetland area of the Brivio marsh. The physical environment crossed by the stretch of the river Adda included in the Adda Nord Park, which runs from Lecco to Truccazzano, is characterised by the presence of a system of glacial river terraces. Today, one of the most interesting areas for vegetation is found among the wetland reeds of Isola della Torre and Isolone del Seraglio, islands surrounded by meadows and tall trees.

The shores north of Trezzo are inhabited by black poplars, locust, white willows, black alders and English oaks. In addition to the forest of tall trees, large areas are covered with trees typical of coppice and underwood environments: hornbeam, chestnut, dogwood, hazel, black locust. Among the marsh vegetation you can admire the most beautiful water flowers: the delicate water lily, the wild yellow lily, lily of the valley and numerous families of veronica plants. Adda Nord Park serves as a refuge for a wide array of wildlife. The most beautiful and important local amphibian is without a doubt the tree frog, with its bright green colour marked by a black stripe running along its sides. The area is also inhabited by a multitude of particularly noisy green frogs, and the European common brown frog.

Even the birds are numerous: swans, ducks, mallards, coots, hooded crows and common gulls in addition to the ever-growing population of various species of the magnificent heron. Of particular importance are the archaeological and monumental features, with hydraulic engineering works dating back to the beginning of the century such as Leonardo's locks (Trezzo sull'Adda ), the bridge in Paderno and the workers' village of Crespi d'Adda. Numerous fortified structures can be witnessed along the course of the Adda, built over the centuries to directly control and prevent the advance of populations with belligerent intentions. Other points of interest include the ancient castle of Trezzo (the primitive Lombard fortress of which can still be seen today), the Castle of Cassano (the scene of many battles), and in the territory of Truccazzano, there is a castle where Frederick Barbarossa allegedly stayed during the struggles with the Milanese in 1164.

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