Park North Oglio

Oglio Nord Park

Oglio Nord Park

Oglio Nord Park includes the upper stretch of the river Oglio at the outlet of Lake Iseo, up to Gabbioneta and Ostiano, between steep and wooded banks surrounded by an area strictly dedicated to agriculture. We find wooded riparian strips of botanical interest, as well as lakes and meanders with aquatic vegetation. The important historic and architectural sites located in municipalities bordering the river, including the well-preserved Pumenengo Castle, with its towers and the characteristic quadrangle courtyard, and the remains of the castles of Paratico and Roccafranca.

The plains are occupied by tightly woven plots of land, marked by artificial waterways, with rows of trees and hedges, roads, paths, trails, field roads and sprinkled with a constellation of farms that surround the main towns. The river valley, on the other hand, is demarcated by coastal woodlands, where the irregular course of the Oglio unwinds, profiled by glistening gravel beds that highlight the river's curves, openings and obstacles.

The true protagonist of the Oglio Nord Park is the river Oglio that, from the outlet of Lake Iseo near Sarnico (Bergamo), up to Gabbioneta Binanuova (Cremona), runs a long stretch between the bank that is oftentimes steep, coasts that are heavily anthropic and unspoilt corners, along with the last remaining forests and various wetlands in different stages of development.

Among the plant species present in the Park, special mention should be made of the large trees like the maple, the white and black hornbeam, the chestnut, alder, black and white poplar, the fornia, black locust, willow and reeds.

As visitors venture along the trails of the park, they may catch a glimpse of the park's wildlife, venturing along the trails of the park, you can see animals such as the dormouse, dormice, hedgehogs, moles, hares, wild rabbits, frogs and toads. With a little luck they may even come across rare animals such as the weasel, marten, badger and fox. The park is also a rich habitat for birds: if you look closely, you may see birds in flight such as egrets, herons, little owls, owls, the crow, coot, seagull, blackbirds, woodpeckers and swallows.

Seven Nature Reserve s are concentrated in the central area of the Oglio Nord Park, renowned for their fascinating populations of flora and fauna and outstanding natural and environmental beauty: Boschetto della Cascina Campagna, Bosco de l'Isola, Bosco della Marisca, Isola Uccellanda, Lanche di Azzanello, Lanca di Gabbioneta.

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