6 Scenic views in Lombardy

A step away from heaven

A step away from heaven

6 suggestions for... Castles, bell towers, funiculars, peaks, shores. Viewed from above Lombardy is a breath-taking sight. Perfect panoramas for a drone.

Walking around the streets, the villages or the paths of the Lombardy region can offer wonderful surprises; as well as cutting through the lakes or biking.

In order to realise how beautiful are the places you're visiting, you can go over the top the city or the natural places and enjoy the breathtaking views.

We suggest you some examples…but who knows how many other scenic views there are in Lombardy!

1. Campanile di San Nicolò - Lecco

380 steps, 96 metres in height. A vantage point on the lake and the city. To look at the mountains in the eye [photo].

2. Sacro Monte - Varese

After the Baroque chapels, the romantic view of nature. From the Alps to the Apennines. As far as the eye can see.
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3. Funicolare di Brunate - Como

You never get used to it. From inside the cabin, the view keeps changing. When you arrive in Brunate, the lake appears like a vision.

4. Osservatorio Giuseppe Piazzi - Ponte in Valtellina (Sondrio)

Take a trip to the Observatory, 8 km from Sondrio, to gaze at the stars in the clear Valtellina skies.

5. Torre Civica - Bergamo

From its 52 metres, even the Upper Bergamo seems low. Seen together in a single glance, the two parts of Bergamo are even more beautiful.

6. Torrazzo - Cremona

It's the highest masonry tower in Europe. 112 meters for a breathtaking view.
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