9 places surrounded by nature

Discovering Lombardy and its nature

Discovering Lombardy and its nature

In the city or outside the walls. Quick or slow, for sport or for leisure. Routes and paths to discover another way of living the landscape   

Thanks to the various landscapes offered by the territory, it is possible to visit Lombardy region through alternative routes suitable for everyone and away from the crowdest places. 

The Franciacorta vineyards, the cycle lane in Brianza, the lake excursions and the river promenades are just a few examples of all the activities you can do in Lombardy. 

1. In nature 

Mantua - Lake Garda

By bike, Mantua behind you. With the river Mincio as a compass, plunge for 45 kilometres into the nature of the Regional Park. Take a look at the medieval houses of Borghetto and the rock of Monzambano. When you are in sight of the Fort of Peschiera, Lake Garda is near. 

2. Up and down, in town

Bergamo – Parco dei Colli

A walk in another era, among pebbles and high dry masonry walls. Start from Colle Aperto. Walk up via Sudorno, and from there to the Scorlazzone ascent up to San Vigilio. The view extends as far as the former Monastero di Astino

3. By the river

Lecco – River Adda    

From Pescarenico to Leonardo da Vinci's sluice gate systems. Passing under the iron bridge of Paderno d'Adda in search of the industrial archaeology deposits of hydroelectric plants. 50 km by bike along the Adda, the river of a thousand lives. 

4. Lakeside view


Villa Olmo, Villa del Grumello, Villa Sucota. Three great locations of Como's culture, linked by a trail along the lake shore: the "Chilometro della Conoscenza". Surrounded only by green, water and the sound of your footsteps. 

5. In the greenery

Parco di Monza

On foot, among green giants in the gardens of an immense park [photo]. Or by bike, along the 13 km cycling trail. Or even by hot air balloon, during the "Festival del Volo", to enjoy the view stretching from the Villa Reale to the bends of Lesmo. 

6. At high altitude

Sondrio (in November)

Three paths, for athletes and fans: 12, 21 and 42 km, in a unique setting. The "Valtellina Wine Trail" runs among terraces, castles, vineyards and wineries. A great event combining sports, traditions and tastes for a authentic experience. 

7. Among the vineyards

Brescia – Franciacorta

27 km in the most beautiful hills of Lombardy. Once you leave the city, you reach the castles of Paderno and Passirano, cycling among the vineyards of Franciacorta, land of great white wines. As you arrive in Provaglio, enjoy the view of Lake Iseo. 

8. On a family trip

Pavia – River Ticino

A short, family friendly trail. Starting from the Ponte Coperto, you will reach the Naviglio Pavese sluice gates and then the Parco della Sora. Along the cycle route you will find boat moorings and beaches for sunbathing on clear days. 

9. Along the Naviglio

Cremona – Crema

Nearly 50 km along the towpaths of the Cremona Naviglio Civico, the Naviglio Grande and the Canale Vacchelli. Halfway, stop at the "Tomba Morta" and take a look at the ingenious system that regulates the water of 13 canals.

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