Autumn in Milan

5 todo during autumn in Milan

The colors of autumn in Milan make the city even more suggestive: nature's yellow and orange hues blend with the clear blue sky, creating a unique contrast that you can admire only during this time of the year.

This is the right moment to take a walk among the city's many farmhouses or to admire the surrounding abbeys and monasteries. You can discover local products as well while taking part of countless activities hosted in these localities that seem to have been frozen in time.

When days start to shorten and cold begins to be felt, it would be a good idea to visit Milan's civic museums, guarding treasures of immense value, plus they offer several entertaining activities and guided tours for all ages. Do not forget their rich exhibitions program that are proposed during fall.

Let's remember that this is the country's fashion capital, so a shopping session is always a must. That way you can start getting your Holyday gifts in advance. 

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