Autumn in Varese

5 things to do during Autumn in Varese

5 things to do during Autumn in Varese

Autumn is full of colors and suprises for those who come to Varese and its surroundings. The most beautiful season is finally upon us, with the forests and hills that acquire warm shades of red, yellow and orange serving as the backdrop for breathtaking landscapes.

It is the ideal time to hop in a bike and pedal among the vibrant colors of nature, enjoying its beauty at its fullest while experiencing a sense of freedom.

Chestnuts are without a doubt a synonym of this season. Its bright brown color and delicate taste can be easily compared to the forests of Varese. It is the time to enjoy outstanding desserts and authentic recipes from this season. These are but a few of the many things that can be done during autumn in Varese...let's discover them together! 

1. Chestnuts at the Campo di Fiori park: between wellness and nature

Going into the woods is the best way to gather chestnuts and spend warm autumn days alongside friends and family. It is an easy, fun outdoors activity that everybody will enjoy.

But where can you get the best out of this scrumptious Falltime fruit? The Campo dei Fiori Park, with its "Chestnut Tree City" is the ideal place to rediscover this spiky product. In addition to the possibility of admiring a splendid chestnut forest, the park offers a Museum itinerary dedicated to chestnut trees. It is a beautiful experience for discovering ancient crafts and places.

Furthermore the Chestnut Farmers consortium proposes the opportunity to gather chestnuts in a well preserved forest with a guide, who will tell you various facts about chestnuts and the places you visit.
Info:  Consorzio Castanicoltori – tel. 0332/435.397

2. Lake Comabbio: pedaling among a world of colors

The province of Varese has been for decades a great place to travel on two wheels, cyclotourism is a way of life for visitors who come here on vacation. The magical bike lane of Comabbio is proof of that. This small local wonder has was created by taking care of every single detail.

It is an ideal itinerary for enjoying a healthy weekend between nature and mild colors. The lane is 12,3 km long, perfect to spend the day with the whole family along the shores of this splendid body of water. Trees in autumn begin to take on a series of shades that go from yellow to red and their image gets reflected on the blue waters of the lake.

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3. Foliage: fall in love with Fall

A spectacular journey amid Varese's nature. Breath fresh air at the forest while the sunlight that goes through the leaves will warm both your body an soul. Among some of the most suggestive trekking itineraries in this territory, that of Pradecolo above Luino takes you to Mount Lema and its unmistakable views upon Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, the peaks of the Pennine and Lepontine Alps.

This itinerary lasts about three hours where you will go through the localities of Dumenza, Due Cossani, Agra and Curiglia.,Itineraries.html

4. Pan dei Morti: a seasonal dessert

Discover the flavors of tradition at the many bakeries that await for you at the towns of Varese. This particular dessert features a flat, oval shape and is available in local shelves during mid-October. It is placed at the center of such like a precious jewel due to the fact that it will stay there only for a couple days, just until early November, it was created in memory of the day of the dead. It has been passed on through generations in order for the souls of the dead to enjoy this dessert at the house of their families during November 1st.

This traditional recipe for a nutritious, hearty dessert is usually done with leftover biscuits and dried fruit, cocoa powder and wine are a relatively recent addition. You can enjoy it with a nice cup of tea at a downtown café.

5. Castagna Day: experience, culture, creativity, cuisine

Do not miss the celebration of Castagna Day in Brinzio, an entire week dedicated to chestnuts and its uses.

There will be a varied menu focusing on chestnuts waiting for you: pasta dishes with chestnuts, soups with pumpking and chestnuts, main dishes with meat, chestnuts, mushrooms and polenta, chestnut-based desserts and more.

Take part of the activities that will let you to discover chestnuts in local forests, places where this fruit is widely appreciated: tours to chestnut orchards, walks through the forest riding donkeys, guided tours to the boroughs and chestnut woods, roasted chestnuts, the Grà festival, dedicated to chestnut wood shingles.

Info:  Consorzio Castanicoltori – tel. 0332/435.397

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