Brughiera briantea park

Brughiera Briantea Park

Brughiera Briantea Park

Brughiera Briantea Park is situated in Lombardy, between the provinces of Milan and Como, in areas located in the municipalities of Cabiate , Lentate sul Seveso , Meda , Mariano Comense , Carimate , Cermenate , Novedrate, Figino Serenza , Carugo and Brenna. Brughiera Park is one of the first areas covered almost exclusively by woods and meadows that are encountered along the away from Milan towards the north, squeezed between intensely urbanised areas.

Therefore, these ecosystems are the only remaining refuge for plant and animal species tied to forest environments, which have been spared the intense urban expansion that has occurred in recent decades.

Synanthropic species, meaning those that are tied to environments modified and managed more continuously by man, are also found in the park. The existence of grassland areas and crops, which irregularly interrupt the continuity of forest ecosystems, considerably increases the overall biodiversity of the park, creating the conditions for the establishment of wildlife populations that are sufficiently diversified.

The park's wetlands are also extremely important: although not extensive, they are of great environmental interest, since they provide a resting and reproduction place for species that would otherwise be excluded from the local wildlife framework. This territory also contains many different types of woodlands, based on the specific environmental conditions and human impact.

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