Bruschera Oasis

Visit the Bruschera Oasis and the cane thickets on Lake Maggiore

Visit the Bruschera Oasis and the cane thickets on Lake Maggiore

The Bruschera Oasis, in the southern part of the township of Angera, is a wild but easily accessible area, thanks to its small network of trails. Also an area of great naturalistic value, it is part of the ZPS (a Special Protection Area recognized by the European Community) called Canneti of Lago Maggiore and is accessible from the SP69 road connecting Sesto Calende to Laveno Mombello.

The main dirt roads are bicycle accessible and allow travellers to reach the most interesting area, which has ponds and thick woods near the lake and in the vicinity of Isolino Partegora. The cane and alder thickets are a refuge for dozens of endangered animal species.

The Bruschera Oasis is the ideal destination for birdwatchers and for a regenerating stop on the lake shore to enjoy the landscape.  The white and red herons are numerous at the Oasis, like the coots, grebes, moorhens and several other resident aquatic birds and migratory species.

The woods are home to red woodpeckers, hawks, and a wide variety of other birds, as well as mammals and amphibians. The wildlife is truly remarkable and varies with the seasons. During winter, access to the area is easier because the dirt roads tend to be less muddy.  In the summer, however, the luxuriant natural landscape is much more spectacular.

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