Fontanili park

Fontanili Park

Fontanili Park Nadia

The Fontanili Oasis Park, managed by the WWF, covers an area of about 25 hectares in the municipalities of Cavaria and Besnate (Va). This park is located on the grounds of the Parco del Ticino, which is working to preserve native plants by attempting to limit the growth of non-native species that are alien to the land. The park has a wetland area fed by spring waters, is a source of fresh water that was unleashed by human intervention.

Numerous species of birds can be spotted in both the forests and wetlands, including the green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker and the rare woodcock.

The park is also home to numerous amphibians, such as newts, tree frogs, emerald toads and the Lataste frog, and mammals (foxes, weasels, badgers and hares).

Secular flooded forests continue to inhabit the wetlands, where black alders and grey willows alternate with thickets populated with cattails and common reeds.

A bike path of about two and a half kilometres was built around the marsh, offering rest areas and educational panels to educate visitors about the native flora and fauna.

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