Franciacorta is waiting to be explored

Franciacorta is waiting to be explored

Franciacorta is a hillside area that covers Brescia and the southern shores of Lake Iseo. A nature vacation in this land is always a good choice due to the its lush landscape and culinary traditions.

Spend an unforgettable vacation in Franciacorta: lavish nature, cycling itineraries, historic boroughs and renowned wines. This territory is often synonym of spumante or sparkling wine, cherished not just in Italy but all over the world, connoisseurs agree in the unique qualities of the Franciacorta.

Lombardy is a Region that boasts a long-standing winemaking tradition. Start discovering it with Strada del Vino, it will lead you among winery cellars in spectacular sceneries. Choose a local dish such as Polenta e Misultin, a type of freshwater fish that is very popular in Franciacorta.

By going on a nature vacation in this part of Lombardy, visitors can unveil its natural beauty along with cultural landmarks. Medieval fortresses and churches like the Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola, one of the largest religious compounds in the country.   

The National Reserve of Torbiere del Sebino offers reed beds and ponds surrounded by cultivated fields. You can also go shopping to the Outlet Village of Rodengo Saiano, 160 clothing, accessories stores offering year-round sales.

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