Itinerary Mincio Po Rivers

Itinerary of Mincio and Po rivers, exploring on two wheels

Itinerary of Mincio and Po rivers, exploring on two wheels

Let us propose an itinerary of the Mincio and Po rivers along a single, magical way. 

It is a 45km itinerary starting with the Mincio, then go with the whole family and enjoy the landscape of the Po valley.

The Mincio itinerary lasts about an hour and a half but we recommend to spend the entire day in order to immerse yourselves into the natural and cultural wonders you will stumble upon. 

When in Mantua, do not miss Palazzo Te. If you are culture enthusiasts dedicate some time to the Ducal Palace and Castel San Giorgio. 

After admiring these imposing man-made structures, pedal towards the banks of the Mezzo and Inferiore lakes and the Vallazza Nature Reserve. It is possible to watch grey or red herons in this protected habitat. 

Once you arrive to Governolo, cross the bridge heading to San Giacomo and San Nicolò. Now you can begin the Po itinerary. 

The last stage of this trail is Borgo Virgilio. Consider visiting the Corte Virgiliana, a rural villa owned by the Gonzaga, the Stronghold of Pietole built by French general François de Chasseloup-Laubat, an envoy of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

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