Montorfano oasis

Montorfano Oasis

Montorfano Oasis @V.Caminada

The Montorfano Oasis is located in Melegnano (Mi), is an area of about 4 hectares on the site of a former wasteland along the river Lambro in a moist, riparian environment where native trees and shrubs have been replanted.

The oasis is a renaturalization project that is currently underway in a degraded area at the confluence between the rivers Lambro and Vettabbia.

The project involves the restoration of various different types of forests typically found in riparian lowland forests.

Three main vegetation bands are found in the Oasis: the band of the escarpment with strictly hydric species, the band subject to periodic flooding that is gradually less arid and the driest band.

The park's fauna includes species typically found in riparian forests with different species of amphibians. Numerous waterfowl and other species of small birds and small mammals also populate the Oasis.

This urban park has a trail with message boards illustrating the different types of environments found on site. The Southern Milan chapter of the WWF conducts guided tours of the oasis for school groups.

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