Monza park

Monza Park

Monza Park

Together with the Royal Gardens of Monza, Monza Park belongs to a complex of buildings and landscapes of inestimable historic worth. Commissioned by the Emperor Napoleon in 1805 on lands north of the Palace and Royal Gardens (completed in 1777), the park's initial aim was to serve as a model farm and hunting reserve.

In Monza Park, visitors can admire different species of plants and animals along with buildings constructed on the property and various bridges. In addition to agricultural facilities, mostly farmhouses, the park is also home to three mills (one is inhabited one is leased for agricultural use and the other is exclusively a monumental building). Although the property is no longer is used as a model farm, the characteristic features that make this park truly unique can still be seen today.

Today, the park is alive and well thanks to its many visitors, those who come here to enjoy pleasant moments and relaxing or fun days, and most importantly by the thousands of people who flock here (day after day, at any hour and in any season) to practice sports, alone or in small groups, resulting in the creation of the Sports in the Park project.

The park also offers five trails for fully experiencing and discovering the most fascinating secrets of nature, architecture and legends, to satisfy even the most curious and discerning visitors and to enchant children with stories about gnomes, knights and witches.

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