Oasis of san giuliano milanese

Oasis of San Giuliano Milanese

Oasis of San Giuliano Milanese Flickr_Gruppi Scout Agesci Lodi 1 e Lodi 2

The urban Oasis of San Giuliano Milanese, located in the city by the same name, is an authentic forest nestled between the houses. The construction of this urban park is currently underway (with a naturalization project in progress).

The area of approximately 4 hectares is a veritable green lung. It's also a place where you can immerse yourself in a rarefied atmosphere that has nothing to do with the metropolis, where you can walk among beautiful hawthorns and spot numerous birds, including the little black redstart, blackbird and magpie. The oasis has been planted with species that are native to hygrophilous forests and plains. Even the fauna is typical of urban parks in the plains.

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