On the wings of winter

The Vallazza Natural Reserve

The Vallazza Natural Reserve

Winter has its own charming ways, specially for birdwatching enthusiasts who await its arrival.

The cold wind and crystalline landscape that is reminiscent of frail glasses bring out flocks of birds that seek a steadier food supply in humid marsh lands.

One of the best places to watch closely the behaviour of species that otherwise live in other continents is the Mincio Park, a vast fluvial canal surrounded by moraine cliffs and streams that end up in small Lakes and peat bogs near vast cultivated fields.

With the coming of the cold season this landscape is transformed by silver mists and earthlights that emerge from the water.

A large flock of cormorans, fish-eating birds that cover the sky with their majestic wings, visit on january the ponds and alluvial expanses of the Vallazza Natural Reserve.

They are fond of nestling on rows of poplars and white willows, which are low enough for them to dedicate their time hunting local fishes.

You will have the chance to admire their proud, elegant deportment, as if they were a celestial bastion of wisdom among the waters of the Mincio.

Credits: Fluidtravel

centomiglia sul garda con il vento in poppa

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