Sustainable tourism in lombardy

Sustainable tourism in Lombardy

Sustainable tourism in Lombardy

There is a kind of tourism that is becoming very popular with travellers.  Sustainable tourism, a way of travelling that pays attention and respect to the environment, while teaching us to enjoy the travel experience in harmony with what surrounds us - nature, animals, food and other people.

And the region of Lombardy is the ideal place for this kind of tourism. Do you know why?
Let me explain, starting with a great passion of mine - food! Yes, because short food chain products, also called "zero-miles products" are easy to find in many corners of Lombardy, where there are countless markets dotted around the territory, such as those of Campagna Amica by Coldiretti.

Tasting the produce of the place you visit – whether purchased directly at market or tasted in dishes prepared by restaurant chefs – is truly a wonderful way of coming into contact with the culture of a territory, while respecting its traditions and biological cycles.

Another approach to this type of tourism lies in using public or zero-impact transport, first and foremost, train and bicycle. Both these are the epitome of slow travel, exchanging the speed and frenzy of aeroplanes and cars for tranquillity and the chance to enjoy the best of the landscape as you travel.

A relatively new trend, instead, is car sharing, which enables you to save on travelling costs and, above all, to avoid travelling with a half-empty car.

And from car sharing it's only a short step to bike sharing… Think of a city like Milan, for example, where it's almost impossible to park, so the bicycle is an excellent solution that both saves time and respects the environment. And discovering Milan from the saddle of a bicycle is pretty good!

Having discussed food and transport, it only remains to speak of sustainable accommodation.

All across Lombardy there are accommodation structures certified as low environmental impact, which pay extreme attention to finding the right food chain for breakfasts and meals, to using biodegradable detergents, as well as to saving energy, and to specifically asking tourists to be as responsible as possible during their stay.

If you are interested in this type of tourism, I recommend visiting the website of a very interesting association, Iubilantes, which offers tours and events that share this "new" style of tourism, thereby converting you into attentive and aware travellers.

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