Suzzara forest

Suzzara Forest

Suzzara Forest Flickr_Davorl

The Suzzara Forest is an urban forest that extends over an area of about 1.4 hectares in Suzzara in the Mantua area, managed by WWF Po Mantovano. This WWF  Oasis  was founded with the aim of reproducing a typical lowland forest area in the urban territory.

Since 1994, WWF volunteers and the city administration have been attempting to rebuild the forest through planting and ongoing maintenance efforts (planting, mulching, mowing and irrigating).

The forest hosts more than 2000 trees of the following species: English oak, durmast oak, lime, ash, field maple, Norway maple, grey and black poplar, wild blackthorn, hornbeam, and many more. 

The project is designed to restore a micro-environment of native trees and shrubs that inhabited the Pianura Padana (Po valley) many centuries ago, which has been replaced by intensive farming, housing and industries that have significantly transformed the territory. Thanks to the first phase of the restoration efforts carried out, you can already enjoy the forest's scents and peaceful atmosphere.

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